Exactly what IS a professional photographer?
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Hiring SC Photographers

A professional photographer is more than just someone with a camera. A true professional photographer has taken
the time and spent the funds to learn his or her craft. Someone who has a complete working knowledge of photography from pressing the button all the way through to the finished print. They understand the business side
of photography was well, and can guide you through the process of understanding what you need and what can be accomplished within your budget. A good photographer will be able to explain the differences in various usage
rights regarding the photographs so that you don't pay for something you will never use. They should be able to give you references and show you a portfolio of their work. A professional photographer is someone who takes seriously the responsibility of providing you with high quality photography that meets your needs.
What kind of photographer do I need?
If you have never hired a professional photographer before and have decided that it's time to do just that, here are
a few things you need to know. Call a photographer who has experience in the area of expertise that you need. Just because someone is an excellent wedding photographer doesn't necessarily mean that they also have the equipment and expertise to photograph your products. Go to their web site to get a general idea of who they are and what they specialize in. You should be able to tell fairly quickly if they have a broad base of experience or if they specialize
in the one particular thing you need.

When you call, be prepared to be as specific as possible regarding what you want. Don't just ask for their hourly or
daily rates. Understand that their rates may vary depending upon what you need, when you need it, how long they estimate it will take, what equipment will be necessary and if there are any other parties that will want the rights to
use the images.

Image usage rights vary from photographer to photographer, but industry standards dictate that unless you request outright ownership of the images, every image the photographer takes on your behalf belongs to him or her. Asking
for ownership of the images is not the norm, and unless you need it, you are far better off only paying for what you actually need. The more information you can give your photographer at the time you request an estimate, the more likely you are to get a fair and accurate one. Keep in mind that the photography you receive will be a reflection on
your business or your special event, so you do want good quality, and you want a photographer with whom you can build a good relationship.

How to get a rewarding photo shoot experience:
Photography is a very creative process. It can also be a highly technical process as well. Photographers have a lot
on their minds at one time. Do your best to be considerate of that fact and eliminate as many distractions as
possible. Every photographer works differently, each one has a certain method they like best and equipment that
they feel most comfortable working with. The longer you work with a photographer, the more he or she will understand your needs and what works best for you. Just bear in mind that time is money and the more prepared you are on
the day of a photo shoot, the less you'll spend. The more you communicate clearly with your photographer, the better
the end result will be.
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