About SC Photographers.com

About SC Photographers

If you are a photographer in South Carolina, this is the place for you! There is no

other web site specifically for SC Photographers. There are many other sites

where you can be listed along with photographers from all across the nation, but

not one that targets South Carolina specifically. We are photographers based in

SC and we wanted a way to promote fellow SC Photographers.If you have any

questions, email us and we'll answer you promptly. If you give us your phone

number, a real person will call you back!

Sponsored listings and banner ad costs go toward balancing the cost of

maintaining this site. We keep our rates low so that you can afford to advertise

your business. Get your name out there, get noticed by businesses looking for

photographers in your city or with your specific expertise, and get busy! 
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If you have any questions about how to advertise with us, just email us!
scphotographers.com works to maintain the premier online database of SC photography

related sites so that photographic professionals have an opportunity to be found by

potential customers. If  you can't afford a sponsored listing or a banner ad, but you

appreciate our service, please consider  a donation to help balance out the time and effort

in maintaining this site.